Duferco Engineering - Infrastructures

Invited by the former Vice-Mayor of Venice and the former Deputy Minister for Transport under the Prodi government, Duferco Engineering designed the solution to solve the problem of the cruise “sea giants” inside the Venice lagoon. The project, named Venis Cruise 2.0, turns Venice into a point of referral that will positively affect the future of the worldwide cruising industry. The new Terminal at Bocca di Lido, the northern entrance of the lagoon, has been designed with the most advanced technologies in terms of logistics, energy and environmental sustainability. It is equipped to face all innovations that marine engineering is introducing, in relation to the construction of cruise ships which are set to become even larger and, in particular, wider and, therefore, incompatible with the current “Marittima” cruise port. Duferco Engineering is engaged to introduce the project which is expected to take two years to build at a cost of 128 million Euros, as well as to provide the relevant Environmental Impact Assessment to the competent Ministry, according to the “Legge Obiettivo” procedure.

Site activities for the realization of the new Wine and Oil Production Center for Vallepicciola Srl are under way: under the technical and management oversight of Duferco Sviluppo and Duferco Engineering, the wine cellar is now in its civil construction phase, being expected to be completed in time for the 2016 grape harvest.



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