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Duferco Shipping SA’s mission is to ensure excellent performance in its support of Duferco SA’s trading activities by building long-term relationships with the most reliable and business-oriented carriers and providing great expertise which support innovative shipping solutions.

Duferco Shipping provides tailored freight proposals which add value to the activities of Duferco traders.

Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements arising from requests of the mills as well as price fluctuations in the market is one of the keys to its success.

The organization consists of more than twenty people who operate from the headquarters in Lugano, while the other main shipping offices are located in Singapore, Ilychevsk and New Jersey.

The complexity of the market in which Duferco Shipping operates requires a nimble organization where effective inputs can be provided by those who operate daily in local markets. Each office contributes with its own expertise, knowledge and ability to build the most cost-effective solution and solve problems characterizing seaborne trade.

From a shipping perspective, the center of gravity of Duferco’s business has been quite clearly moving towards China. While we constantly strive to adapt our working model to a new culture and challenging requirements, we are privileged to operate in a place from where the larger share of the shipping business originates. This will ultimately strengthen our skill and knowledge to benefit the whole organization.

While the dry bulk fleet expanded during 2014 at a slower pace than the year before, a substantial rebalancing failed to materialize with Handymaxes up to Ultramax registering the largest increase.

Ordering activity was definitely more restrained than in 2013. However, it remained fairly well supported so that ouwtcomes will not be very different in 2015.



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